Early Life


Educated at Island School, a private Liberal Arts program in Kealia on the island of Kauai, Vanessa participated in the FPSPI (Future Problem Solving Program International) organization.

Attending high school and college in Los Angeles, California, she was a Staff Writer on the school newspaper, and she participated in poetry slam events at local coffee shops.

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Writing Life & Activism


 Vanessa briefly ran a literary magazine called "Nothing Rhymes With Poetry."  She later attended state college and studied literature and popular culture. In 1999, Vanessa was a Field Supervisor for CALPirg, a non-profit organization created by Ralph Nader, helping raise funds to aid lobbying efforts for organizations like The Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, and The Human Rights Campaign.

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Current Exploits


Vanessa joined Twitter in 2007 and had several different accounts until she finally created @evesplumb around 2010. She was asked to edit "Askharoth" by Budgie Bigelow, and later contributed to two volumes of art, poetry, and short stories to benefit @optimisticdoom, who passed from cancer in 2016. You can find Vanessa's past work on Amazon under the name Eve Brigid, and her current work can also be found on Amazon. She is married and lives in San Diego, California.

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